Correction of the wrong conventional concept of GE

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Aiming at the cross-social spreading of correct concept regarding the importance and necessity of GE, various forums and journal publishing are planned:

- General Education Cooperation Forum : To promote the convivial relationship between instructor group and important personnels outside of the university, 2-3 forums are planned per year.

- Core General Education Curriculum Development Forum : To mutually share and spread new courses/subjects and curriculum development on cross-universities level, 2 forums are planned per year.

- Joint Academic Conference : An academic conference is to be jointly held together with its sister organizations, Korean Council for University General Education and Korean Association for General Education. It is held twice in a year in June and November.

- Publication of e-journal Du-Ru-Nae : ‘Durunae’ means ad vervum ‘streaming everywhere’, but in context ‘intelligence coping with every serious problems to find any solution. Thereby is implied that the GE helps the intelligence ripen. It is published in every other month for the expansion of knowledge and know-how on GE.

- Construction of GE archive

DB containing materials, research reports and excellent videos is under construction to prepare the groundwork for the hub role of GE related know-how and information.